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Yaroslav Karaman

FC Minaj U-19



Yaroslav was born in the town of Velikiy Berezny, and his dream in ten years is to play professional football (soccer). 

Yaroslav has been a part of FC Minaj for four years. He currently plays midfielder position but can still play in attack. He believes that Ivan Vovkunovich and Vasyl Tsyhak are the most serious players on the team while Erik Kalinets is the funniest.

A few of his favorite things include the following: scrambled eggs with sausages and pancakes for breakfast, the American movie "Home Alone", the Iron Man superhero, the soccer player Messi, and the Barcelona soccer team.

Yaroslav's parents work as private entrepreneurs, and he also has a younger sister Dashka.

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In response about his perspective of the Ukraine war and visiting the United States, Yaroslav stated:

"The war greatly affected my life. I started helping those in need more. What I want most in America is to win a tournament and go shopping."

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