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Provide Relief for Families Impacted by the Crisis in Ukraine


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Amidst the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the need for immediate humanitarian aid has never been more crucial. Families are displaced, communities shattered, and basic necessities are in scarcity. Your contribution can make a life-changing impact. Join us in providing hope and assistance to those affected by this crisis.

The volunteers of Family of Christ International embody unwavering dedication in their tireless efforts to support Ukraine's humanitarian aid initiatives. Their selfless commitment, compassion, and resilience on the ground showcase a profound commitment to alleviating suffering, offering hope, and restoring dignity to those affected by the crisis.

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Family of Christ International volunteers helping people in Ukraine by donating and handing out supplies

Unwavering Support for Ukraine

We are committed to providing comprehensive aid to alleviate the suffering in Ukraine. Through your support, we address critical needs across various areas.

Kitchen volunteers in the Ukraine providing food to people in need.

Food and Water

Our team 's efforts in Ukraine are steadfastly focused on delivering essential sustenance - food and clean water - to those affected by the devastating impact of war. With unwavering dedication, these initiatives strive to ensure access to nourishment and safe drinking water, offering a lifeline to individuals and families amidst the upheaval, providing crucial support for their basic needs during this challenging time.

A boarded up gas station in Ukraine.


We are committed to sharing vital supplies in order to aid the people of Ukraine. We help supply diapers, children's essentials, feminine products, personal care items, clothing, generators, fuel, and tires in order to help sustain the basic living requirements that all people deserve. 

A military truck helping transport people to safety in Ukraine.


One of the most important acts we are able to accomplish at Family of Christ International is the facilitation of evacuations and relocation efforts for the people of Ukraine. Our mission is to ensure the safety and security for those in these vulnerable situations.

A bombed out house in Ukraine flying a proud Ukrainian flag.


Amid the crisis in Ukraine, our team's efforts are diligently working to provide essential shelter and accommodations to those displaced. Through relentless dedication, these initiatives strive to offer safe havens, warmth, and basic necessities to individuals and families who have been uprooted from their homes, aiming to restore stability and comfort in their lives amidst uncertainty.

A Humanitarian aid worker entering a bombed building to administer help.

Medical Aid

Our volunteers are mobilizing urgently to provide vital medical supplies, critical treatments, and unwavering support to those injured and in dire need of immediate care due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. These initiatives stand as beacons of hope, striving tirelessly to alleviate suffering and ensure access to life-saving medical assistance for the affected population amidst the chaos of war.

The people of Ukraine, enduring the harrowing effects of an ongoing war and crisis, deserve nothing short of the most comprehensive and compassionate humanitarian aid. Their resilience, courage, and unwavering spirit amidst adversity inspire our firm belief in providing them with the utmost support and care.


Serving the People of Ukraine in the Name of Jesus Christ

Family of Christ International is dedicated to addressing the pressing humanitarian needs, mobilizing volunteers, organizing impactful mission trips, and raising vital financial support. Our ultimate goal is to bring assistance, hope, and restoration to individuals and communities experiencing crisis, all in the name of Jesus Christ.

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A group of Family of Christ International volunteers standing in front of a church.

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Family of Christ volunteers handing out supplies in Ukraine.
Humanitarian aid worker passing out supplies in Ukraine.
Family of Christ volunteers unloading pallets of food from a truck in Ukraine.

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