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5 Ways to Support Disaster Relief in Ukraine

Ukraine has faced its share of challenges in recent years, from political upheaval to ongoing conflict in the eastern...

1 min read

Ukraine's Boys U17 soccer team wins U19 Championship in The USA Cup Weekend Tournament

BLAINE, MN – July 16, 2023 -- Ukraine's FC Minaj Boys U17 soccer team captured the USA Cup Weekend Tournament...

4 min read

Ukrainian athlete-refugees return to 2023 Target USA Cup

BLOOMINGTON, MN and UZHHOROD, UKRAINE -- JUNE 30, 2023 -- FC Minaj (pronounced: min EYE), the team of Ukrainian...

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Family of Christ International delivers help, hope and healing in the name of Jesus Christ to people and places in crisis.

Family of Christ International was founded in Uzhhorod, Ukraine by Rudolf Balazhinec in 2012 to ensure that babies and children in orphanages and disabled people, senior citizens and veterans in nursing homes in the Zakarpattia region of Western Ukraine had the food, supplies and loving human contact they needed from volunteers who cared about them. In February 2022, when Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Family of Christ expanded its ministry to include war-time humanitarian and medical aid to 100+ distribution sites throughout Ukraine.

The ministries of Family of Christ have grown to include: caring for displaced Ukrainians who now call Uzhhorod home; assisting wounded soldiers recovering from the physical, emotional and spiritual wounds of the trauma of war; and the Family of Christ Futbol Club, an outreach to youth and their families that builds hope for the future of Ukraine through the sport of soccer. Our branch in Bloomington, Minnesota is a 501(c)3 organization that undergirds the work of Family of Christ through prayer, raising support and sending short-term teams to join the work in Ukraine and wherever else God may lead.


Ukraine, 88000, Zakarpattia region, Uzhgorod, Shukhevycha Roman Street, building 16″A”

United States

10800 Lyndale Ave South, Suite 100
Bloomington, MN 55420

Family of Christ International - Humanitarian Aid


Delivering Help, Hope & Healing

  • 678+ Tons of Humanitarian Aid Supplies
  • 266+ Distribution Partners
  • 1,250+ People Evacuated

Who We Serve

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