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The Yarok Caregiver House

Serving the Local Community in Ukraine


Building a Nurturing Environment

Located on land owned by Family of Christ International, this project aims to create a central hub for our future activities, enhancing our ability to serve the community and implement impactful initiatives to help the people of Ukraine.

The Yarok Caregiver House will be more than just a physical structure; it represents our commitment to constant presence and support of the Ukrainian people. A dedicated caretaker will reside on-site, ensuring that the space is not just a building but a nurturing environment for our mission.

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Yarok Caregiver House in Ukraine  Family of Christ International

Bringing Hope to Ukraine

The Yarok Caregiver House will include multi-purpose efforts all aligning with our mission - to share the love of Jesus Christ by championing support for the Ukrainian people.

Blueberry farm at Yarok Caregiver House in Ukraine | Family of Christ International

Sustainable Farming

In our upcoming endeavors, we envision establishing a various farm specializing in apples, blueberries, and chickens.

These efforts are dedicated to fostering sustainability and generating resources for our community initiatives.

Yarok House Orphans _ Family of Christ International

House Orphans

We aim to build living quarters for orphans, fostering a safe and nurturing environment. At a core of our organization, we are committed to cultivate meaningful relationships with children to let them know they are loved. The Yarok Caregiver House creates a safe environment for children to get to be children.

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Yarok Soccer Field _ Family of Christ International

Athletic Fields

Driven by our dedication to sports and mentorship, Yarok will include a soccer field to complement our soccer academy. This area is designed not only to cultivate athletic talent but also to instill essential life skills and foster teamwork principles in the young Ukraine teen athletes we serve.

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Yarok Community Development _ Family of Christ International

Fostering Relationships

Sports have a unique ability to bring people together and build camaraderie. We organize soccer games for the children, creating a fun and inclusive environment where they can enjoy the benefits of physical activity while forming lasting friendships.

We envision a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. Through these causes, we work towards building a future filled with hope and possibilities.


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How You Can Help Build the Yarok Caregiver House

Family of Christ International invites you to join us in building an infrastructure to catalyst hope, foster practical resources, cultivate joy, and ultimatley, share the love of Jesus. 

Your financial support enables us to continue our mission and reach the local community in Ukraine.

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House in Ukraine
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