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Oleksandr Postemskyi

FC Minaj U-19



Oleksandr was born in the city of Bar (Vinnytsia region), and his dream in ten years is to become a professional football (soccer) player.

Oleksandr has been a part of FC Minaj for two years. He currently plays a goalkeeper but also enjoys playing striker. He thinks Ivan Vovkunovich is the most serious player, and Vitalii Shtefanyuk is the funniest on the team.

A few of his favorite things include the following: eating scrambled eggs with sausages and something sweet, the movie "Jumanji," Tony Stark (Iron Man), the soccer player Ter Stegen, and the Arsenal London soccer team.

Oleksandr lives with his parents, Iryna (mother) and Vitaliy (father), and his older sister, Khrystyna.

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In response about his perspective of the Ukraine war and visiting the United States, Oleksandr stated:

"The war affected me in that I became more responsible to appreciate what I have as well as my football [soccer] career. [Coming to the U.S., I am looking forward to] winning the competition and having great emotions."



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