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Andrii Ketsuk

FC Minaj U-19



Andrii is from Uzhgorod, and his dream in ten years is to either be a professional football (soccer) player or to become a lawyer. 

Andrii has been a part of FC Minaj for four years. He currently plays a center back position but can also play as a central defensive midfielder. He thinks Ivan Vovkunovich is the most serious player, and Yaroslav Karaman is the funniest on the team.

A few of his favorite things include the following: having omelets for breakfast, the American show "Suits," the soccer player Sergio Ramos, and the Barcelona soccer team.

Andrii has many cousins, who are like siblings to him.

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In response about his perspective of the Ukraine war and visiting the United States, Andrii  stated:

"Іt [the war] changed my life a lot because I went to the USA. If the war didn’t start, I wouldn’t know about how great the USA is. [Coming to the U.S.], I am looking forward to meeting new people, to get closer to God, to have fun and a great experience, and also to win the tournament."



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