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Urgent Needs

Urgent Requests for Help 


Give the Gift of Relief

The humanitarian problem in Ukraine remains urgent: numerous displaced people require our help, orphanages are overcrowded with children from front-line cities, where children need our attention, love, prayers, and assistance.

Our goal is to provide as many families as possible with food and medicine, to make the children at least a little happier, and to meet the humanitarian needs where it is urgently necessary.


Unwavering Support for Ukraine

We are committed to providing comprehensive aid to alleviate the suffering in Ukraine. Through your support, we address critical needs across various areas.


Below, we show what we are collecting donations for and what the current and urgent requests are.


Nursing Home in Vynohradiv:

 - Mattresses
 - Food
 - Hygiene products, diapers

Our goal is $2000 (food packages, hygiene kits, mattresses)

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Medical Kit

We personally assemble and pack medical kits with all necessary items. They include both emergency medical supplies and essential children's medications.

Our goal is to deliver aid to 100 recipients monthly.
The cost of one kit is $50-80, depending on the contents.

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Soccer Goals for the Orphanage

Real soccer goals instead of bricks are the true dream of all boys.

You can bring this joy to children who cannot afford it themselves.

Goal: $1280 for 2 pcs

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The people of Ukraine, enduring the harrowing effects of an ongoing war and crisis, deserve nothing short of the most comprehensive and compassionate humanitarian aid. Their resilience, courage, and unwavering spirit amidst adversity inspire our firm belief in providing them with the utmost support and care.


Serving the People of Ukraine in the Name of Jesus Christ

Family of Christ International is dedicated to addressing the pressing humanitarian needs, mobilizing volunteers, organizing impactful mission trips, and raising vital financial support. Our ultimate goal is to bring assistance, hope, and restoration to individuals and communities experiencing crisis, all in the name of Jesus Christ.

Who We Serve

A group of Family of Christ International volunteers standing in front of a church.

Stay Up-To-Date

Whether you're sharing awareness, donating financially or giving your time and other resources, any contribution makes a difference in the lives each child. Stay up-to-date on what's happening by subscribing to our email newsletter. 

Family of Christ volunteers handing out supplies in Ukraine.
Humanitarian aid worker passing out supplies in Ukraine.
Family of Christ volunteers unloading pallets of food from a truck in Ukraine.

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